Mar 13, 2018

The Sheath Dress & Removing the Waist/Hip Darts

How simple it is to convert your Sure-Fit Designs dress blueprint from a woven sheath dress to sewing with a knit fabric for a similar style of dress.  If you want a simple sew and go dress, this would be it.

First, you need to take your skirt and bodice patterns, line them up together following the directions on page 32 of your Dress Kit Instruction book. If you'd like to see a short video showing you this process, please click on this link as the video may not show up in your email client.

Then, you'll subtract some of the waist/hip fitting darts at the side seam waist point.  But...each waist fitting dart is 1.5" wide.  In my estimation, that's a little too much to come of in one fell swoop on the side seam.  Even though you'll be sewing with a stretchy knit fabric, I suggest you start by initially removing half this amount or 3/4" from the side seam waist point.
And depending on how stretchy your knit fabric is, you may want to 'size down' all the circumference dots to remove some of the built-in wearing ease that is provided when sewing with your woven fabrics.  See page 6 of the Dress Kit Instruction book for the guidelines: 'Sewing with Knit/Stretchy Fabric'.

The back of the dress has the darts removed in a similar manner.  And if you've sized the front of the pattern down for sewing with your specific knit fabric, make sure you do this to the back as well.

 And if you have a back shoulder dart, you may or may not want to sew it in place...again, it depends on how stretchy the fabric is and how curved your shoulder blades and back is.  But if you choose to remove the dart, you can do so by taking off the dart equivalent right at the intersection of the shoulder line and armscye.
Now for a visual presentation of this entire process, make sure to watch this short video - it's the latest to be added to the Sure-Fit Designs YouTube channel as well as to the SFD Learning Center. 

And...when you've got this 'sew and go' dress completed, make sure to send a photo or post your creation in our SFDChallenge2018.  Get your free SFD Challenge Planner by joining now at this link.

Happy Designing & Sewing!

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