Sep 25, 2018

Cleaning the Designing Stylus

Designing Stylus smudges & graphite removal!

How to clean your Designing Stylus?  That's the topic of this blog.  I know I suggest that you use a regular pencil for drawing all your SFD patterns.  And after a time, the graphite from the pencil lead marks and smudges your Stylus.  This happens to everyone's Stylus.

One of our Australian customers asked how to clean it, so I went right to the source...the plastic material supplier.  I used to use regular soap and warm water, which did an adequate job.  But no more.  You want to get one of those Mr. Clean Magic sponges.  In Australia, for all our down-under customers, it's called 'Chux Magic Eraser'.  It's one of those weird little white sponges that has some kind of an cleaner embedded in it.  Wow...does it work well.  Use it dry.

Here's a before and after photo.
The customer who sent this photo put it next to her Designer's Companion which hadn't been used yet to show the difference in what the pencil graphite did.  I've seen them much smudgier than this after 6 days in a Fitting Retreat.

AFTER Mr. Clean Magic Sponge:
It cleaned up as good as new!  Clean the front side won't take the SFD markings off.

Here's a short little video showing you just how well this works:

This little sponge is also great for cleaning the iron's sole plate after stickies have melted on it.

Make sure to add this inexpensive to your collection of necessities in your sewing room.  You can get these little wonders at stores like Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.

Happy Sewing!


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