Apr 2, 2019

Practice Design Changes


FREE STUFF - half size designing templates

Recently one of our wonderful customers had watched one of our Sure-Fit Designs videos. As part of my explanation of the topic, I'd used half scale templates to illustrate the concept that I was teaching.  Wouldn't it be great if these half size templates were available for all of you to experiment with your designing ideas?  The answer of course is a resounding YES!

I've just finished adding these to the Free Stuff page on the Sure-Fit Designs website - just click here to access the webpage, and then you'll see the links for the individual templates.  They all print on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet size - standard for our US printers and sheet size.

Practice on the templates before charging into your actual body blueprint.  It's fun, you'll learn a lot, and develop your designing confidence as you experiment with different designing ideas.

Have fun!
Glenda the Good Stitch

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