Jan 10, 2011

Best Sewing Accomplishment of 2010

The beginning of any New Year is always the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Just for fun, I invite you to think about all your sewing and craft projects in 2010 and let us all know what it was. Please use the comment form below to describe your achievement. It doesn’t have to be something grand or unique…just something that you took pride in doing and that you were happy with the results.

For me, it was dusting off Sure-Fit Designs and bringing the entire pattern fitting and designing system back to life. Digitizing the patterns and kits took longer than I anticipated, but they’re now all new and completed. Home seamstresses worldwide can now continue to benefit from this fitting system and sew well-fitting clothing that suits their body shape and size.

As a result, I spent more time in front of the computer than actually sewing. But I did break out some creative time to design and sew this new dolman sleeve blouse. It features a cross-over front, a feminine flounce on the right side and is finished with a ‘swash buckler tie’. It’s really an eye-catcher! 

“Use Sure-Fit Designs and be Sure of the Fit!”
Happy Sewing,
Glenda Sparling


  1. I love this blouse! I want to make it!

    Where would I find the instructions for this blouse?

    Thank you Glenda, also wish you had a photo of your blouse.

  2. Yes, this is a great style of blouse on so many different figure shapes. I'll have to get my 'real' one photographed and post it too.
    For basic instructions on how to design the Dolman sleeve, go to www.surefitdesigns.com and to the tab called 'Designing Leaflets' This is Leaflet #1 Raglan/Dolman Sleeve.