Feb 9, 2011

What’s an Adjust-A-Bust Template?

You can achieve amazing fit with the Sure-Fit Designs™ Adjust-A-Bust template.  Most commercial patterns offer a B-Cup dart.  For countless women this simply doesn’t work, which means you have the tedious process of slashing and spreading or overlapping the pattern to fit your distinct curves.

Put an end to all of it with the Sure-Fit Designs™ Adjust-A-Bust template, which offers dart widths for bra cup sizes A-E.  What the video to see how it works.

If your cup size is beyond an ‘E’, see how to enlarge the dart sizes of the Adjust-A-Bust template.  Click Here.
The Adjust-A-Bust template is one of the amazing tools found within the Sure-Fit Designs™ Dress Kit.  Check out www.surefitdesigns.com for full details.

Happy Sewing!
‘Use Sure-Fit Designs™ and be Sure of the Fit!

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