Sep 30, 2014

Ipads & Watching SFD Videos

Periodically I get emails from you ladies letting me know that you can't watch the SFD videos from the SFDLearningCenter Video Library on your Ipad tablets or Iphones.

Until I finally got with it and purchased an Ipad, I thought all Ipads and Androids were the same.  Wrong!!!!  As most of you know (which I didn't know), the Ipad is an Apple product, and the Android tablet is anything else, like from Samsung, Nexus, Sony etc.

When I researched the problem of not being able to view the SFD videos from the Learning Center, I was told that all tablets, Apple or otherwise, could not play videos because they weren't allowed to have the required Flash software installed on the device.  Of course, because I was talking with technical support from my website host, I took this information as gospel.  He was only partially correct.

Steve Jobs, Apple, when designing their tablets and Iphones, did in fact, not allow Flash software to be installed.  So this accounts for why some of you were able to view the videos on your Android tablets, whereas Apple Ipad users couldn't.

When I recently came of age and recently purchased my Ipad, I discovered all kinds of things relevant to this topic and then had choices to make.  Fortunately I got a really good geek (at Costco) who showed me the features and benefits of each.  When I was leaning toward the Ipad (no video from my site), he said, 'Let me see what I can do about that!'

Lo and behold, he came up with a solution which I want to share with you.  There actually is an app out there that you can purchase for only $4.99 (at least that's what I paid for it) that you can install on your Ipad/Iphone and when you use it for your browser (instead of the installed Safari browser), you can watch all the videos from the Learning Center!  Yahoo!!!

It's called Photon Browser.  Here's the link -  So far, it's been really reliable.  Or if you do a search for 'How to get Flash on an Ipad (or Iphone) using Photon Browser, you should come up with this app.

It's not just SFD videos you'll be able to watch, it's on any site where videos are embedded in the web page.  It doesn't cost much and for me, it was well worth the small investment.

So there ya' go!  Now you can watch all the videos (from websites) that you want!

Glenda...the Good Stitch!


  1. Good to know, Glenda - thanks! I've just lived with not being able to watch Flash videos on my iPad because I have other options, but it's good to know that there is at least one app out there that can get around this limitation.

  2. Glenda, Thanks for sharing this. Does that mean that we will have two web browsers, Photon and safari? Do you have to switch or it it automatic.

    1. Yes, you will have the 2 browsers. I think you have to choose which one you want to use when going to a site where you want to watch their embedded videos.
      Glenda...the Good Stitch!