Apr 25, 2017

Large Upper Arm Alternation Choices and Style Options


Some of you have large upper arms that you need to contend with.  What I'm referring to is when your bicep requires more ease than your current sleeve pattern is giving you.  If this occurs for you, then you must watch this short video on alteration alternatives...and what sleeve styles give the pattern more ease for your wearing comfort.

To view this video you will need to most likely go to the actual blog page www.surefitdesigns.blogspot.com, as it most likely won't show up or play within your email program.

I've also offered a great article on Option #3 which is where I discuss curving and widening the underarm of the sleeve pattern.  See the Learning Center article - http://www.sfdlearningcenter.com/LargeUpperArmPatternAlteration.html

Then, consider an alternative sleeve style, like the flutter sleeve, pleated sleeve, sleeve with center (curved seam), sleeve with godet, dolman sleeve (as in our Holiday Happy Top Sew Along shown below) or a petal/tulip sleeve.  All are excellent style options when you have a large upper arm.

 The Sure-Fit Designs designing book - Beyond Bodice Basics - gives directions for the flared flutter sleeve, sleeve with godet and petal/tulip sleeve...enjoy!

And you'll want to read how to add the pleat down the center of the sleeve in this blog article - http://surefitdesigns.blogspot.com/2017/03/pleated-sleeve-detail.html   It's another great choice for a large upper arm sleeve style.
Make sure you give these options a try!
Happy Sewing!

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