Apr 3, 2017

Little Black Leggings (LBL)

I've recently introduced our Little Black Dress (LBD) Sew Along.  Today I want to discuss my recently sewn little black leggings (LBL).  They are so simple to design, cut and sew that they definitely qualify as a Made in a Day project.

(Sorry, they are in basic black, so unfortunately you can't see much detail.  But they are pretty basic - no fancy color blocking or designing.  I needed them to wear with the High Low Hem Swing Top (Dress Kit Instruction Book pg. 38-39) to wear at the Fit & Sew Retreat).

In case you didn't see the post a few moons ago on designing the No-Side Seam Leggings, here's the short video to introduce you to designing them.  You'll most likely need to go to our Learning Center or YouTube to see this video, as I know it doesn't display in many email programs.  Go to http://www.sfdlearningcenter.com/Pants-Videos-Designing.html and look for P.12 - How to Draw Leggings without a Side Seam.

A point of discussion...how much elastic to use at the waist?  This is asked repeatedly.  Here is the elastic I used - 1" (2.5cm), non-roll elastic, with almost 100% stretch.  You'll likely recognize it.

My waist is 28".  I cut the elastic 23" - removing 5".  To be on the safe side, I pinned it in a circle and made sure it pulled up over my hips.   How much you remove (meaning your waist measurement minus 'X' amount is going to be determined by 3 factors: the width of the elastic, the stretch of the elastic, and how YOU like it to feel on your body).  Sorry there really are no hard and fast rules about how much to remove as the factors are too variable.  You just have to pin and test!

When it was applied to the waist edge, it feels quite comfortable in the finished leggings.

Here's a close-up view.  Sorry the color is off, but in order for you to see the stitching detail, I needed to make some color modifications in Photoshop.  They really are a lovely rich, dark black.

If you're unsure of how to sew this elastic application, I have this covered in our Make it Sew sewing series DVD for beginners and intermediate sewists.  See - http://www.surefitdesigns.com/MakeItSew.html

To construct these, I used all 3 sewing machines - the serger for the inseams and crotch seam, the Cover Stitch machine for the hem, and the regular machine to zigzag the elastic in position...I love 'em all!

Give them a try.  They really are a Made in a Day project.

Happy Leggings Making!😊

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