Mar 7, 2012

I even Loved my First Apron!

My mother didn’t teach me how to sew.  She did some sewing when we were toddlers, then later on it was mostly repair work – fallen buttons, ripped seams or mending socks.  But even though she didn’t teach me how to sew, we always had the old black Singer with the gold writing on it in our home. (I'm sure many of you reading will go 'Ah Ha - I remember that machine' which of course is now a valuable antique).  That was given to mum by my father’s mother.  It was one of the original Singer treadle machines.  Unfortunately, at some point, my dad had the treadle taken off and had it motorized.  I actually remember sewing a little on it.

But, back to my first project.  The first time I sewed anything of substance was in Grade 7.  I had the best Home Economics teacher. Mrs. Carmichael was her name.  She was so patient and calm.  I loved her.  Our first project was 'the Apron’.  All the girls knew they had to make it and groaned, but not me…I even loved making the apron.  I remember being so proud of myself.  I wish I had a picture of it today, but alas, the best I can come up with are the aprons I made for myself and my husband a number of year’s ago.  Here’s mine.  They were fun and easy.  I heard a new term…feasy!  Fun and Easy. 

Mrs. Carmichael instilled in me a love of seeing something being created and being a part of that creation process.  I will forever remember her.

This is my husband, Wes.  He wears his apron a lot because he cooks a lot.  I am so grateful that he enjoys cooking.  He always makes enough for an army, but then we (I) don't have to cook for days! 


  1. Love the aprons! My first sewing machine was a treadle just like the photo you posted. In the 70's, I was still able to buy the leather "belt" for it. I sewed clothes with it. I bought it at the Salvation Army for about $10.

    My HomeEc teacher was the most influential person in my teen school years. Our first sewing project was a sleevless dress with bust darts and back zipper.

    I took every HomeEc course our school had to offer!
    I'm in my mid-50's now, and still enjoy Sewing, Cooking and Domestic Engineering!

  2. That was WONDERFUL to read and love the pictures, but I was ready for a lot longer story, lol. So nice to see you outside the business part of your life. How did Wes get the name "Crickett"? Hope you will write and post more.

    Our Mother did sew for us three girls -- three of everything. We didn't learn from her though. We learned in Home Ec.
    Hugs ,Joy

  3. Sorry, my friend Joy...I don't seem to have time for a lot longer, but it was fun putting this post together - though my not-very-patient-husband groaned a LOT at being photographed!

  4. I sure do understand that! You noticed my last pics of Jerry showed just his hands and the side of his head.
    Hugs, Joy

  5. Thank you for your story, Glenda, it really personalises what you do. I have been a home ec teacher years ago and we taught new students how to make boxer shorts. They also groaned about them :-). Last year I went to a ten year school reunion for one group and a number of past students told me that although they didn't look forward to the boxer shorts it did in fact inspire a love of sewing in them. It was such a nice thing to hear.