Mar 3, 2012

My Dress Kit Order Arrived!

Wow Wow Wow!  My order arrived today!  I ordered on Tuesday afternoon and my order arrived Saturday... Wow!  I didn't expect anything til next week.
I opened my order from Sure-Fit Designs and found:
  • 10 yds of vellum tracing paper
  • Designing Stylus (which is very impressive at first glance)
  • Waist Darts Template
  • Adjust-A-Bust Template (Bra cup sizes A to E)
  • Armscye Template (Sizes 48" - 62")
  • Master Patterns for Dress Front (Bodice & Skirt)  Dress Back (Bodice & Skirt) Dress Sleeve (Woven) Dress Sleeve (Stretchy)
  • Dress Kit Instruction Book
  • Mixing and Matching Patterns & Instructions
  • My invoice with a personal note from the President, Glenda Sparling
  • Product Price List and Order Form
  • Flyer on "Pants that Mix n Multiply" very impressive......please don't bother me for a few days while I explore all my treasures.  In fact, here's a short video that Glenda produced showing the Dress Kit Contents.  You might just be interested in watching it.

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