Mar 27, 2012

The Importance of Accurate Measurements

I have set aside my first attempt to draw my personal bodice blueprint pattern.  I listed the mistakes that I made my first time around and this time I am using the Sure-Fit Designs How-To DVD and following along Glenda step by step as she walks me thru the process.

What a big difference using the DVD made for me, I am definitely a visual learner.  It was very fun working thru the steps to draw my personal pattern.  I have my computer in my sewing room and I was using the doors of my room to tape and draw my patterns, just like Glenda was drawing them.

I now have my bodice, skirt, and sleeve drawn out and tomorrow I will begin to cut them out to craft my test garment.

What have I learned? Accurate measurements are really really important.  I thought, gee how hard can it be to measure yourself, but my first attempt I was off by two sizes.  So be sure to follow along with the directions in the Sure-Fit Designs How-To DVD or the Instruction Book.

Dear Rebecca...I (finally) realized that many women were finding blank wall space or backs of doors to use as a flat surface to draw off their patterns.  Honestly - it is so much easier on a horizontal surface - like a table top (if you've got a table big enough).  The only reason I demonstrate (in the videos) using the wall is that it is so much easier to video the process.  If I were working on the table, my videographer-husband would need to be glued to the ceiling to get a good shot of what I was doing on the table.  So please...use a flat table top.

P.S. In later videos, I started saying to use a table surface - but sometimes I forget to say that.  What can I say?

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