Mar 21, 2012

My big, fat, soft Eraser

Why am I writing about this?  I just want to make sure you have at least one on hand…that is – a BIG, FAT, SOFT eraser!

You are going to need to erase.  It’s just that simple!  Oops…I marked the dot in the wrong place.  The ruler slipped and now my line is crooked.  I used the Armscye template upside down and the armhole curve doesn’t look right.  Any number of ‘things’ can happen when drawing off your (Sure-Fit Designs) patterns.

Prior to a local fitting class I taught, I’d sent out the Supply List.  Of course it asked for everyone to bring a big, fat, soft eraser.  As we started drawing the patterns…and of course, erasing…I asked ‘Do you have your eraser handy?’  She produced the tiny little eraser on the end of her pencil.  We know what happened to that – don’t we.  By the end of the second hour, the eraser was totally used up and flattened to the end of the pencil!  The next week came and when she walked into class, she so proudly held up her new, big, fat, soft eraser.  We laughed about that ever since!

Please draw in pencil.  And have a nice, big, fat, soft eraser handy.  I have about 3 in my sewing studio.  When I’m drawing patterns, I get stuff going in every which direction, things – the essential things like my ERASER – get covered up and hidden just when I need it.  Thank goodness, I’ve got a couple more in obvious places that are easy to grab.

And don’t worry about the Sure-Fit Designs tracing vellum.  You can erase and erase to your heart’s content, and it will not shred or go into holes like many other tracing mediums.  I know you’re really going to love this stuff if you’ve never worked with it before!  Here's a short video on using the tracing vellum. 

I already know there are a lot of perfectionists out there.  And I know you want your pattern to look totally perfect and clean after you’ve drawn it.  But believe me, you want to work with pencil (not pen) when drawing off your Sure-Fit Designs™ patterns.  I know your Designing Stylus will end up with pencil smudges on it, but they should easily wash off with some mild soap and water.  Here's a short video to watch on using the Sure-Fit Designs™ Designing Stylus.

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  1. I buy those erasers a box at a time! I love them. Big difference for sure, and they don't leave a smudgy mess behind either.
    Hugs, Joy