Mar 31, 2012

Let's Not Forget our Men!

I just love this system! Everything turns out great and fits so well. I opened the Shirt Kit and made my husband two shirts. This one is even easier to draft than the dress pattern - less measurements and no darts. It took no time to crank out the shirts. My husband loves them and says they are so comfortable.

James has narrow, sloping shoulders that don't fit well with the rest of his body. Shirts usually fall off of him at the shoulders. Not so with these shirts. I see more of these in his future, especially dress shirts. The shirts I made are 100% cotton, which should be nice and cool for summer.


  1. What a beautfully fitting shirt,Carolyn! Our men deserve better shirts than rtw offers sometimes. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with dress shirts, as I've always wanted to make some for my husband (tall,thin men have other problems!).
    Sandra in South Australia

  2. I agree! I know women primarily sew for themselves, but I too would like to see more men's shirt projects.